About Zonah

Zonah Bellum is an artistically driven Model and Aerial Performer. She has been modeling since 2005 beginning with Glamour, but continuing to strive for the more inspiring, creative, and powerful weirdness she found with fetish fashion.  In 2014 she was internationally awarded Fetish Model of the year. She is also building her own website and from this point will refrain from talking about herself in the third person. (insert chuckle or eyeball roll at this time)

From beginning in Glamour modeling  I have found myself to be extremely versatile with a lot of unique interests. I’ve been featured in multiple Pin-up magazines and art galleries. I have also been to many conventions, bondage and fetish expos, lectures/classes, and events. More often I find myself as the ‘live’ model at events.

I continue to model for Alternative, Pin-up, Fetish Fashion, and Bondage concepts. It is not my current highest priority passion, however:

My career has given me the opportunity to fine tune my passion in Aerial Dance. I’ve previously studied aerial silks, but found myself much more interested in rope bondage and suspension. I mean, how could I not? Just look at this: (Shameful Plug)  Honestly: look at Lew’s stuff. He’s amazing.  Lew Rubens Image Gallery So I’m getting back into my root studies (silk + trapeze, lyra, etc) and applying that to my love of all things emotionally inspiring and physically binding. Rope.







Alternative, Pin-Up, Fetish Model

Aerial Performer, Bondage Artist, Rope Enthusiast