Model and Performer

I’m also..

a knife/jewelry designer, an aerialist, video gamer,a brutally honest pain in the ass, and a complete dork most of the time. OK all of the time.

I am very flexible and am completely happy attempting to show that off (the more challenging; the better). I have double jointed shoulders and have always wanted to be a contortionist.

Suspension is one of my favorite things. Anything that will sweep me off my feet. No really, get me off the ground and I love you. Aerial Obsessed: Rope, Lyra Hoop, Silks, Cessna’s. Name it.

Bondage is a sweeeeet escape for an OCD control freak and I love everything about the release it offers. My passion for it grows.

I’m  sci-fi geeky and my artistic endeavors thrive from inspiration of H.R. Giger and Luis Royo.

Latex has an amazing effect on me; I love everything about it.


I do absolutely have a passion in me for pin up. The classy, the epic posing, the garters (Oh goodness) and definitely something about the care into the accessories; hat boxes, glove boxes, telescoping cigarette holders… I adore it and want more of it.

I can become quite the boot stomping weirdo with enough coffee and open minded attention. *wink* Coffee is always an awesome bribery tool.