Important Information:



  • Height: 5′ awesome
  • Weight: 100lbs of pure ambition
    • +/- 10lbs quickly if needed
  • Chest: 32 D
  • Waist: 24
    • cinched: 21
  • Hips: 32
  • Shoe: 5.5 or 6
  • Hair color: Red


  • 7+ yrs Expert Bondage Bunny
  • 10+ Professional Model
  • Aerial Dance Performer
  • MUA
  • Dog lover (I’m really good at this one)
  • Expert Swordsman
    • Ok Light Sabers
  • Can do anything better than you


And Requirements:



  • Male or female
  • You should probably be 18 or older. I like bewbs.
  • I do not care. Spare me the hopefully shaming email. My mom knows.**
  • You have a desire to understand bondage/fetish or want to look at the resulting images.
    Or just click here
    Better yet here
  • You must require the curiosity, if not an open mind, you stubborn devout whatever.
  • I love hate mail. I find it inspiring as well as productive. Give it to me!*
  • I’m not bored. I will not chat with you. Feel free to buy my time or send me the above mentioned hate mail.
  • You must be a muscular,perfectly pulling off the stubble look, kind of man in his mid-30’s, who’s currently saving lemurs.
    Just kidding. Tell me you know how and can build a house in the middle of anywhere and survive, own a light saber collection, and will happily accept a video game challenge.
    Ugh, I guess you can go with “I’m Neil Patrick Harris”
  • We’re getting goofy. That’s kinda a requirement
    By “kinda” I mean absolutely

Your Skills:

  • Excellent Swordsman
  • Possess patience and the 20min of completely useless time available to continue.
    Or go here
  • Humor
  • Excellent or Fair finger clinking ability



Love my stuff. Hate my stuff. Leave feedback! Important information not a requirement.

So your opinion matters, huh?

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