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  2/3/2015  3:03Pm

Girl talk….  is typically nuts.

Wait, I'm about to talk about eggs. Whoops.


“I’m carrying an army of eggs attacking their fort of imprisonment that is my Uterus. They want out; even if it they’re wadded in the bloody leftovers of the walls of their confinement”


Bitches be Crazy.


Progesterone is a terribly unique kind of hormone.
All you ladies feel it and all you guys get to enjoy the not quite logical responses from it. Come on, you know it’s rather hilarious.   …right?

I’d like to explain some crazy…
In larger than normal doses progesterone can create psychiatric effects including: depression, mood swings, emotional instability, aggression, abnormal crying, insomnia, forgetfulness, sleep disorders.. A list of physical effects as well: cramps, abdominal pain, headaches, night sweats, obliviousness to sexual advances, breast enlargement, bitch face.
yada yada yada yada

This shit can also cause an “out of it” kind of feeling. “Out of your element”, “something is not quite right”, which in turn, of course… causes a bit of paranoid confusion.
– If you’ve ever been witness (you have) to a random attack on a silly phrase you used that wasn’t actually that important… until taken out of context and analyzed all to hell and used against you to mean that you cheated on her last week with her best friend Rebecca probably even at that hotel you’ve both been meaning to go to and that’s why Rebecca didn’t answer her call when said she was busy shopping with her little sister, and is instead super guilty plotting how she’s going to steal you from under her and if she even wants you. “As if” (wait, do they even say that anymore? — the “as if” I know they still do the prior stuff.)
“What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?” Is another loathed sentence high on my list. It’s the tone. You know the tone.


Progesterone. Look it up. Shitty little endogenous steroid hormone. However, one nice side effect is Bewbs. No one dislikes boobies and it plays an important role in mammary gland development.


I’m tired of writing. I’m having hormone arguments at this moment so I will leave you with this gem: