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Check these guys out! My favorite of favorites



ArtBar STL: 

Located at 2732 Cherokee St. 

ArtBar is an absolute welcoming, fun and inspiring place with incredible positive energy that provokes not only creativity, but also friendships, conversations and a healthy sense of Saint Louis pride. I’m extremely happy to be able to say, Tom Halaska, the Professional Party Artisan (or owner and managing partner)  is one of my best friends and favorite people. 

(Everyone on this list is)



A Rope Bondage God.

One of the sweetest men who tie women up for a living. He has taught me so much about the world of bondage and the healthy benefits as well as my passion for a career in this artistic form. He has also helped me learn a lot of about myself in the process as a close and dear friend whom I will never stop trying to repay for that. Professional, sincere, and willing to teach you all that he knows; he is one of the best rope riggers and teachers I have had the oppertunity to work with. 



The Randy Dandies:

Pretty. Funny. is a total understatement. 

The Randy Dandies, St. Louis’ premiere sketch comedy burlesque troupe, are a beautiful crew of dancers, performers, and comedians striving to create interactive, dynamic, shows for the St. Louis Community spearheaded by Mimi Le Yu. Mimi is one hell of a lady who I also have been incredibly happy to know and call a friend. With their crazy antics, ridicukous sketch plots, and high energy burlesque, their shows are always filled with laughter and debauchery unlike any other burlesque comedy show. 


Maria Knight:

Currently located at Strands Hair Salon – 730 Demun Ave.

Damn. I don’t know where to begin with Maria. Talk about best friend. Maria is someone who can give you advice without knowing you more than 15 minutes, true to you, healthy and insightful, without bullshit. If you need to hear the hard truth, she has an amazing ability to be able to speak it while you know she only mentioned it for your benefit. Honestly, easily my favorite person. 

Now onto hair (her profession and why I advertise her) color, styles, and education. She is artistic and courageous when it comes to your look. She’ll help you find what you need out of your hair to scream who you are, AND, on top of that brilliant feat she also teaches you how to recreate that salon style at home, with your time frame in mind.
One hell of a skilled, creative, talented hair stylist and amazing St. Louis supportive human being. 


Evil Girls HQ:

Incredibly open, accepting, and caring group of girls I was fortunate enough to meet in Brisbane.

Friends organized by the amazing Miss Gen, who offer Events and Workshops for those who wish to live life on the edge. I felt incredibly close with these guys by time I left their workshop and need to advertise them for this. They are welcoming and understanding and still so much fun with such positve energy. The best way to learn what you’re into. 





These crazy people have infected my life with inspirational awesomeness of epic porportions! Please, check them out. You will be happy you did.