Ties of Punishment: Leather and Metal: Chained and Hooded

44 photos; 19:28 video

Zonah Bellum has been hooded with a black leather hood that encases her entire head very snugly and very effectively blinding her as well as slightly hindering her breath with only the two tiny nostrils holes. The hood is locked at all points where it adjusts to fit perfectly (snug.. or well, lets just say it… TIGHT) with metal locks and then she is chained to the frame. From a point she will never be able to reach secured with a lock and with the chain following the frame itself it is then attached to the collar of her hood and locked. Her hands are shackled and chained both with locks and with the chained connected to another continueing to her feet that are both shackled (with locks of course) as well. Zonah is wearing (other than the thick black leather hood) nude underwear and her 6 inch black stiletto heels. Leather, lace, heels, and metal chains Zonah struggles in her predicament for 20 minutes.


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